#notgirlybutfeminine Friday: Interview with Natalie Alysa from POP OF BLACK

Hello and welcome to a segment I like to call #notgirlybutfeminine Friday - an interview series in which I interrogate a select victim from the fashion world in an attempt to add premium content to this colorful space that I call a fashion website. And it happens on Fridays! Now you get the concept? Yeahhh, I knew you'd understand (evil laughter). But seriously, read on to learn about rad/influential members of the community and for insight into what's current/upcoming. 

In today's #ngbff entry, I spoke with Natalie Alysa, the Toronto blogger behind POP OF BLACK. If you're interested in learning about a full-time blogger in Toronto, I suggest you read on. Okay?! Okay.

Christina Biagioli: Natalie! Welcome to the show. Tell me about yourself.

Natalie Alysa: I am a fashion and lifestyle influencer/blogger from downtown Toronto. I just recently graduated from University here for Marketing and right out of school decided that there wasn’t anything else I wanted to do other than be a full time influencer while also doing some freelance social media work on the side (gotta pay those bills! haha)!

CB: What inspired you to become a blogger?

NA: It basically started once I found a love for posting my style and fashion sense on Instagram. It then got to the point that I realized how much I loved sharing fashion content and people were really resonating with it that I knew I wanted to take it to the next level and create my own blog! My boyfriend, a successful musician, also played a huge part in showing me that you really can be the most successful just doing what you love! It is the only way!

CB: I love that passion! How long have you been blogging?

NA: I only started my blog at the beginning of this year, but have been posting fashion content on instagram for about two years now and have never looked back!

CB: How would you describe your style?

NA: I would describe my style as “edgy, trendy, street-style”. I love shopping at places like Zara and Topshop, looking for the latest style trends and bringing my own flare to it!

CB: Tell me about the style scene in Toronto - what's the general vibe and what are your thoughts on it?

NA: Toronto is actually really small, and from what I see, there is a small group of people that really do have an interest and passion for style. I feel like the fashion and style scene in Toronto has really only started to emerge in more recent years, where our fashion weeks and events are more on the map now! I feel like people in Toronto really dress for the practical outfit as an overall vibe, which is not always how I want to dress. 

CB: Why is your website called "POP OF BLACK?”

NA: Almost every outfit I wear has some black in it. I feel like it is something that is so relatable to people because I always hear people saying that they always wear too much black. It will never go out of style, and I know it will always be consistent in my outfits, so I thought of “POP OF BLACK” instead of a “pop of colour.”

CB: How would you like your blog to develop for the future?

NA: I would love my blog to go more into the lifestyle direction, almost as more of a personal diary to share my thoughts with my audience. I recently decided to bring my Youtube channel back and I love showing people more of the personal side of me rather than only my outfits! I feel like I have so many things to share with people beyond my style sense.

CB: What message or ideas are you hoping to convey through your work?

NA: I always love to incorporate motivational quotes in the captions of my photos (usually something related to being a girl boss!). In the bio of my Instagram it says, “you go girl”! Motivation, strength, confidence, and female empowerment are values I feel passionate about and I love to share them on my platforms. I really wish every girl just knew that they have something unique to bring and can do anything they put their mind to! It makes my day when it really does resonate with people and gives them a bit more motivation for their day.

CB: Who are your style icons, if any?

NA: To be honest, I don’t really have a “style icon.” I actually look more to other influencers and bloggers to inspire me with my outfits, since a lot of them are more street style like myself! But, If I were to choose one designer brand that is basically my style icon, it would be Alexander Wang. It would be a dream to ever get the chance to work with his pieces! His overall brand and edgy style is so inspiring to me.

CB: Do any other outside influences contribute to your style?

NA: In high school, I was in a Regional Arts program and majored in Visual Arts. This definitely plays a part in influencing my style sense, where I have more of a technical background in art. I find I like to play with colours and textures a bit more and my artistic eye definitely plays a part in creating the aesthetic of my feed!

CB: What is your favorite clothing item or accessory that you own right now?

NA: Right now I am absolutely obsessing over this red cropped denim jacket I just got from H&M! I have been wearing it a ton ever since I bought it and am feeling super adventurous that it isn’t black!

H&M; Short Denim Jacket; $69.99

H&M; Short Denim Jacket; $69.99

CB: What is your favorite clothing item or accessory that you do not own right now?

NA: I have had my eye on this "Palm Springs Mini Backpack" from Louis Vuitton for the longest time, I am obsessed! If I had the cash I would buy it in a heartbeat. One day I will treat myself!!

Louis Vuitton; Palm Springs Backpack Mini; $2370

Louis Vuitton; Palm Springs Backpack Mini; $2370

Tune in next week for another #notgirlybutfeminine Friday interview. Right here. On this very site. I know, you got confused for a second there.